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IVF Treatment in India

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization (also known as Test Tube Baby) started in India almost at the same time as Louise Joy Brown was born in UK. On June 1991 (just 67 days after the birth of Louise Brown), a Kolkata based physician, Dr. Subhash Mukhopadhay created the world’s second Test Tube or IVF Baby.The baby was named Durga (today she is 36 years old). (Complete Info on India as Ideal IVF Destination, Issues to Consider, success rate etc..)

Today, Fertility Clinics or IVF treatment Centers are a very common sight not just in the Metro cities, but also in smaller suburbs and towns. Estimates of exact no. of IVF or fertility hospitals in India varies; while some estimates put the figure at about 1000 clinics, some put it to an infinite no. However, we are proud to say that, the research team at IVFGurus have been able to do the most comprehensive recording of prominent IVF Centers in India. Over a period of more than a year, our team has done multiple levels of research of over 450 prominent IVF Centers in India.This is the first such comprehensive work in the field of Infertility Treatment in India.

Why you need Guidance for IVF Procedure in India

IVF is a super specialty procedure and hence, not all clinics would be capable of doing justice to a patient even though they might have a physical infrastructure in place. Thus, professional guidance would help you in at least, be safe from the rather risky places.

Further, unlike the USA and UK, where the Human Fertilization and Embryo Authority (HFEA) and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (SART) respectively, regularly publish reports on success rate of IVF clinics, no such initiative is taken in India by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). The most major work done by ICMR was when it published a partial list of ART clinics and guidelines for ART clinics; however there has hardly been an initiative to strictly implement those guidelines. Neither is there an initiative to maintain mandatory record of success rate of IVF clinics. As a result, the patients in India have limited credible place to look for, to get a feedback on treatment. At IVFGurus, we are striving continuously to enhance our understanding of the IVF clinics in India so that we can get guide our patients to the best places for IVF. Patients can speak to our counsellors who would guide based on the feedback of our research team.

Is India a good destination for IVF?

India is increasingly being seen as a great destination for IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). This is mainly due to the reasons:

  • Abundant good fertility centers in almost all major cities.
  • Most top doctors have experience of a decade, two decade or even more years.
  • Surprisingly, the IVF Labs in India are extremely up-to-date with latest equipment and air purification methods.
  • IVF costs here almost a quarter of what you would spend in USA, Australia etc
  • Easy to get donor eggs, sperms, embryo
  • Surrogacy laws are much relaxed
  • Almost everyone speaks fluent English (you might have slight language issue only in some southern states)
  • Low cost of stay and travel
  • Sightseeing opportunities

Which Indian city to choose for IVF?

For Indian, staying in India, we wouldn’t make much of a distinction between the major cities. If you are in the Northern Hindi belt, Delhi NCR would be a good place for you with its 40 plus known IVF Centers and about 8-10 good options. If you are in Mumbai or the West, the scenario is similar for you, only that the cost would be about 30% higher than what you would pay in Delhi. In Bangalore and Chennai again, there are good no. of options. However, we would generally recommend going with one of the corporate chains and few reputed specialists in these cities. You can discuss with us on this, and understand the reason behind that recommendation. In Kolkata, we suggest only 4-5 clinics, options are limited there after that. Apart from the aforesaid, Ahmedabad, Pune, Noida, Chandigarh, Kerala etc., have also some very good options.

For International patients, unless you have any city preference (unless a friend or relative is staying in some city and you want to stay with him/her/them), we might generally recommend Delhi as first option (except in summer season, June – August) as you will have good no. of options at relatively lower budget. After Delhi, we would put Chennai and Bangalore, and then Mumbai in list of options (note, this order may change as we gain more and more patient feedback). One important thing to note is that, some patients, especially from Bangladesh, Nepal, Middle-East, Afghanistan etc have a tendency to rush to Chennai for treatment. While we do not deny that Chennai has some good options, we would like to state that Chennai doesn’t have any distinctive advantage over other cities in so far as Infertility Treatment is concerned. For more details, you can discuss with us.

What is the success rate of IVF Procedure in India?

If you are looking at IVF in India, you can rest assured that success rate of IVF in established and good clinics in India are at par with the best in the world. Globally, success rate of IVF is at somewhere between 30-35% for IVF and about 40% with advanced procedures like ICSI, Blastocyst etc. Hence, you need not worry about success rate while you get a lower cost IVF in India compared to its western counterparts. However, if a clinic claims to deliver 50% or more success rate over  a long period, please be warned; the claim could be too good to be true. To know in detail, read: Understanding Success Rate of IVF Procedure in India

How much would IVF cost in India?

Cost of IVF in India would be almost a quarter of what one would be spending in USA, UK, Australia etc. However, if you are from the Middle East, Afghanistan, Bangladesh or other countries in Asia and Africa, you may not find that much cost advantage; still it would be much cheaper and better option than most of these countries. However, some clinics have discounted rates for patients from select countries. You may share your details and we can check if we can help you find a clinic that offers lower rates for your countries.

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